My goal is to give your audience
an unforgettable experience
A path to self-awareness & emotional intelligence

Best Audiences: Corporate events, Associations, Annual Conferences, Leadership Events

*I customize each presentation to meet your organization’s needs

The path to great leadership is a journey that takes you through really rough terrain sometimes. But if endured, it can be extremely rewarding. The Leader’s Journey is the story of how I went from being broke and homeless to walking the famous Camino de Santiago Pilgrimage, and from being in bed with a back injury to cycling 14,000 from Alaska to Argentina… and the main lessons that I learned along the way.

During this engaging keynote, the audience will learn how to improve their self-awareness and emotional intelligence, which are key in today’s work environment. The Leader’s Journey is a method that helps people how to know, understand and conquer themselves.

Learning Objectives

  • Express your feelings in a healthy way
  • Replace negative thoughts with constructive ones
  • Use empowering language with yourself and others
  • Train your body to release stress and gain energy
  • Shift behaviors to positively impact your life

“There are some people in this world who speak straight to your soul. Their words illuminate your mind, their energy moves your heart… Ricardo is one of those rare humans.”

McKenzie Barney, Executive Producer / Comfort Theory

“Ricardo humanizes grit and resilience. I am encouraged to set my standards for myself and what I can achieve that much higher.”

Leanne Valenti , CEO / Bento Picnic


“You will not be able to take your eyes off this amazing speaker.”

Sophie Guess, Speaker Liaison / TedxYouth@Ausitn

“Great takeaways! Amazing story. Powerful message”

Howie Nestel, CEO / Sharkmatic Advertising


“He reminded me that sometimes we need to push ourselves beyond our self-imposed limits and comfort zone. This effort can lead to transformation; unleashing our inner leader.“

Carolyn Gremminger, Public Affairs Forum / First Unitarian Church

“Ricardo demonstrated how pushing through the pain can quickly add up to a life-changing journey”

Mike Braeuer , CEO / Explore Austin