Ricardo Palomares

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Ricardo understands that it’s all about you and your audience, and will stop at nothing to serve you to the best of his abilities.

The Rise Of The Leadership You Need

Best Audiences: Corporate events, Associations, Annual Conferences, Leadership Events, Entrepreneurs, Business Owners

*This keynote can be presented in English or Spanish.

We live in a time of change and uncertainty. Now is when The Leader’s Journey has to begin. Great leaders are born in the times of change because that is when they are needed most.

The Leader’s Journey is a framework that will guide you to thrive in uncertainty, respond effectively when challenges arise and enjoy the process.

When you undergo this transformation you will learn how to identify the unessential, maximize resources and take massive action. You will become a powerful and compassionate leader whose priority is to serve others and embrace different perspectives. Most importantly, you will be able to empower your teammates to become leaders themselves.

Using the backdrop of some of his incredible adventures, facing what seem to be insurmountable hurdles, Ricardo’s approach is honest, raw, powerful, with clear actionable steps to follow. 

Learning Objectives

  • Recognize goals that give you the most leverage
  • Find the most direct, simple, fast, and sustainable solutions
  • Generate & maintain momentum
  • Identify & get rid of the unessential
  • Turn team members into leaders
  • Adapt, embrace, and thrive in change
  • Create optimum performance and productivity on your team
"You will not be able to take your eyes off this amazing speaker.”
“Great takeaways! Amazing story. Powerful message”
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“Without Ricardo would not have been possible… as simple as that. He presented a way and systems to make my dream and project possible.“
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