A Journey To Help Men Become Better Leaders

Unchain Your Leadership

Join a brotherhood on an 8-day journey in Patagonia that will push you to go beyond your comfort zone. Together you will go through a transformative experience that will help you grow in every area of your life.  You will be challenged to dig deeper within yourself, raise your standards, and unleash your leadership potential.

8-Day Journey & Leadership Training in Patagonia


Day 1: THE WOLFPACK ritual

Day 2: Mountain biking Osorno volcano

Day 3: Whitewater rafting on the Petrohue river

Day 4: Paddling the lower Petrohue river

Day 5: Sea kayaking on Reloncavi Fjord

Day 6: Hike to Cerro Arco Iris

Day 7: Yoga in the Cochamo Valley, swiming in a waterfall, and meditation by the fire

Day 8: Head back home


As men, we are asked to be strong, resilient, successful, vulnerable, compassionate, and provide for others every day.

My goal is to help you achieve all of that.

Inside THE WOLFPACK, you will be challenged to dig deeper within yourself, raise your standards, and commit to TRUTH, GROWTH, and PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY.

  • Learn how to have energy throughout the day
  • Develop unwavering confidence
  • Improve your productivity
  • Improve your relationships
  • Gain mental clarity
  • Develop a sense of purpose
  • Reignited your passion
  • Create empowering habits
  • Develop powerful communication skills

“Within three months I found a job that I love, lost weight, got in shape, and became a happier person.”

Max Tattenbach
Innovation and Sustainability Manager / Industrias Martec

“I learned to let go of ego and build genuine relationships with people.”

Rudy Rucoba
CEO / Rucoba & Maya Construction

The pursuit of success might be impacting your mind, body, relationships, and work negatively.


  • Burnout
  • Lack of confidence
  • Procrastination
  • Strained relationships
  • Foggy mind
  • Loneliness
  • Feeling stuck
  • Negative habits
  • Weak communication skills


  • Energy throughout the day
  • Unwavering confidence
  • Improved productivity
  • Better relationships
  • Mental clarity
  • A sense of belonging
  • Reignited passion
  • Empowering habits
  • Powerful communication skills

Join THE WOLFPACK and get:

1. Tools

You will get a system that is going to help you perform at your best in every area of your life.

2. Accountability

Your brothers are going to keep you accountable to the things you want to create in your life.

3. Community

You will be sorrounded by men who are going throught the same journey that you are.

How is THE WOLFPACK different from other experiences?


It’s A Journey: In a week you will go from start to finish line by mount bike, white water rafting, sea kayak, and trekking.

Tight Brotherhood: Each journey consists of 8 men max, this will help you create a deep connection with each brother inside your brotherhood.

Highly Personalized: Thanks to the size of the group the training will be highly personalized to your specific needs.

Deep Connection To Nature: You will spend a week immersed in nature. Our goal is to make you feel more raw, wild, and free than ever before.

Have you stepped beyond your comfort zone lately?

Take your leadership abilities to the next level.


Ricardo Palomares
Leadership Coach. Keynote Speaker. Author. Adventurer

Pulling from his powerful life experiences, Ricardo helps men perform at their highest level no matter the circumstance.

Some of the things Ricardo has done:

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