We fully thrive when we honor our natural abilities.


We can push beyond our limits if we have a strong enough WHY.


Happiness is not down the road. It is where you are now.

“There are some people in this world who speak straight to your soul. Their words illuminate your mind, their energy moves your heart. Ricardo is one of those rare humans. He dares to think differently, and by doing so, empowers those around him with a conviction that we can all truly do whatever it is we put our minds to.”

– McKenzie Barney

“Listening to Ricardo was, in a way, like traveling. When I saw his photos and heard his stories, I couldn’t stop thinking about my own inner dreams and wonder what is stopping me from making them real. After this talk, I started walking again in the path of those personal projects that, for lots of reasons, I had been postponing.”

– David Guajardo

“It seemed to be just another day, then I met Ricardo, a true adventurer. He came to our office to tell us about his latest project. He is an example of perseverance and determination. After hearing his story it is inevitable to ask yourself: “What is my journey?””

– Martín Peña