Ricardo Palomares

Empower your team to achieve what seems impossible


As a worldwide explorer, Ricardo is used to working at his best in fast-moving, constantly changing, and high-pressure environments. He understands the many challenges that teams encounter in business, challenges that sometimes seem almost impossible to overcome.

The same challenges found in expeditions are found in businesses: environments change, high stakes create high pressure and limited resources. Ricardo shares his amazing experiences leading teams under extreme conditions across the globe. He is uniquely qualified to help teams with strategies and systems so they can achieve what seems impossible.

Ricardo is a TEDx speaker, author, consultant, and explorer. He has spoken internationally sharing his vast understanding of leadership. He is rapidly becoming a conference favorite due to his deep and unique perspective on leadership, and his honesty, passion, and rawness on stage.


"There are some people in this world who speak straight to your soul. Their words illuminate your mind, their energy moves your heart. Ricardo is one of those rare humans.”
Comfort Theory
“Ricardo humanizes grit and resilience. I am encouraged to set my standards for myself and what I can achieve that much higher.”
Bento Picnic
“Ricardo demonstrated how pushing through the pain can quickly add up to a life-changing journey”
Explore Austin
"You will not be able to take your eyes off this amazing speaker.”
“Great takeaways! Amazing story. Powerful message”
Sharkmatic Advertising
“He reminded me that sometimes we need to push ourselves beyond our self-imposed limits and comfort zone. This effort can lead to transformation; unleashing our inner leader.“
First Unitarian Church
“inspiring story about how we all can control our own success”